Mayor of Southie

Instructions on this Campaign:

Please click on the links below to start. You will need to fill out the “Sign Up” document, as well as the “Stipulation Form” document. This will download a form (in Microsoft Word format). You may choose to fill out the form on your computer using Microsoft Word, or you can simply print out the documents and fill out the information which is needed. Once both documents have been filled out in full, you may deliver then 1 of 2 ways: 1, in Person to the members of the team, or, 2, email documents to [email protected]

1: Click Here to download the Sign Up form
2: Click Here to download the Stipulation Form
(Remember, both forms must be downloaded and filled out and delivered personally or emailed at the email indicated above, thank you)

Additional Information Regarding the Campaign

Rules regarding the Campaign – Click Here
The Prizes for this campaign can be found Here

Background Info on Mayor of Southie Campaign

“The South Boston St. Patrick’s Day / Evacuation Day Parade is an event run and funded by the community. The ‘Mayor of Southie’ initiative has long been a tradition of the parade and provides a fun and unique way to give members of the South Boston community an opportunity to participate in the parade directly and be recognized for it, while working to raise the funds necessary to hold the annual parade. The various spirited mayoral campaigns in the neighborhood also provide a great way to get the community excited for the parade to come. It has been several years since the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council has included the ‘Mayor of Southie’ initiative as part of the parade, but for 2019 event, the mayoral race is back! Check back soon to see who the Mayor of Southie candidates are.’