Rules and Regulations

Attached is the Code of Conduct required for all parade participants and attendees.




Please be advised, all participants in this parade are subject to our strict code of conduct. Any and all persons, Groups, Bands, or Units will be inspected by our Parade officials prior to and during this Parade. The Parade Officials in their capacity have the right to exclude or eject any persons or groups that defy this order, regardless of any previous agreements, arrangements, payments or contracts. Be advised that this parade is a celebration of Irish heritage and of Evacuation Day. This parade is a dedication to our men and women serving in our Armed Forces.


  1. Protesting – This is not a protest parade. Any person or group that demonstrates what could be viewed as any unpatriotic views toward The United States Of America, or otherwise depicts criticism towards any person or any person’s heritage or heritages, or ethnicities will not be tolerated.
  2. Political Protests – We will not tolerate any political protests against any branch of our government, including, but not limited to, our armed forces, our city or state, our country, and/or the President of The United States.
  3. Improper Language – The use of vulgar language is not allowed in this parade at any time. It is not to be spoken, or written on any banners or signs, during the procession of the parade regardless of language or interpretation.
  4. Proper Attire – Although we encourage the wearing of costumes, we will not tolerate any nudity of any kind. Any person or groups that exposes his or her person, or the private parts thereof, in any part of this parade, or in any place where there are present other persons such as, children or elderly to be offended or annoyed thereby; or, procures, counsels, or assists any person so to expose him or herself or take part in any model artist exhibition, or to make any other exhibition of him or herself to public view, or the view of any number of persons, such as is offensive to decency, or is adapted to excite to or thoughts or acts, will be immediately ejected from this venue, and otherwise banned from this and any future parades.
  5. Sexual Orientation – We do not ban any persons or Groups based on their sexual orientation. However, we, the Committee, will not allow the advertisement or display of one’s sexual orientation as a topic that should in any way be depicted as a theme of our parade. We feel it deters from the basis of which this Parade has been celebrated historically. This is a celebratory event, with religious, cultural, and historical themes, which pays tribute Saint Patrick and the evacuation of British troops from Dorchester Heights on March 17th 1776.

We, the Allied War Veterans Council of South Boston strive to run the largest, and most entertaining, St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the nation. It is important to us that all who come to South Boston have a wonderful time and get to experience “Southie” as the wonderful place that it is. Preparing this historic parade is a yearround job for us. There are no other parades in our area that offer worldwide entertainers, and performers, like we do here in South Boston. We ask all participants, and also attendees, to follow our Code of Conduct to ensure a safe and fun filled day for all.